Now you may think that this sounds a little too dramatic, but unless you have been on stage with the spotlight on you and a hundred or so eyes watching and listening to you while you make a noticeable mistake, you can’t relate to the feeling.

It’s absolutely horrifying. The experience literally never leaves you. It’s so difficult to get back up again, your confidence level stoops low and you keep replaying that moment in your head. You end up worrying about whether you will end up making the same mistake again. You become uneasy because you’re not sure whether you will ever get over this.

Well, guess what? You definitely will. It’s just one of those things that performers should go through. It helps you get back down to earth and YES, you do learn from your mistakes. Of course you’re all shaken up for a while but that’s a part and parcel of the stage life! You can’t let one mistake ruin what you’ve worked so hard to get.

There isn’t a 5 step rule in order to get over onstage mistakes, but this is what I do. I haven’t made just one, but quite a few mistakes on stage. Immediately after the performance, I give myself 2 hours to worry and fret about it. After that I stop. I go home, drink a nice hot cup of chai and put on some of my favourite songs.

I sleep. I spend time with my son, I concentrate on my work and once it’s time to practice my music, I start with the song I messed up. When I’m on stage again singing that song, I remember not to make the same mistake again!

Try not to let it upset you too much. These things happen to everyone. Put on a brave face, practice harder and shine on!

~Somashree Ghosh Dastidar