As a working mom, sometimes it feels like work never ends. I’m always busy with something or the other be it at my job or at home. Making time to practice my music isn’t always easy. I need more hours in a day to accomplish the tasks according to my plan!

Music is not just my passion; It’s also my profession. I have to practice for a few hours every week in order to perfect myself. Some days, I’m so tired that I skip practice. But then reality hits me, I know that to be better, practice is the key and so I squeeze some time out in my ever so busy week for music.

Multi-tasking is a talent, and it’s a real blessing if you know how to handle many things at once. I know that along with everything else in my life, my music is equally important. It’s a part of me, and I must give it the effort it requires.

I create a sort of schedule, since it gives me an agenda to follow. I’m not too strict with myself, because when something is too stringent, I tend not to follow it. Instead, I make it more flexible. Since I juggle quite a few things, I know that if I practice during the weekdays, I won’t be able to give it my all, considering how exhausted I am most days. So alternatively, I practice during the weekends.

I give myself a good 6 to 7 hours of music practice every weekend. I make sure to relax, kick back, go out with my family as well. I like my weekends to be so refreshing that I’m happy to get back to my routine, just to get to the weekend again!

It may be difficult, but don’t procrastinate, make time for practicing whatever is your passion. It’ll only benefit you.